Endurance Challenge

County Endurance Challenge 2022

The ‘County Endurance Challenge’ is intended to provide greater coherence to our programme of (endurance) Championship events. It seeks to:

  • Create greater interest within the County amongst endurance clubs/athletes in our Championship events
  • Encourage greater participation in those events from the County’s leading runners
  • Showcase the endurance talent within the County
  • Support such talent through the award of a ‘Training Grant’ to the leading male & female runner to emerge through the 2022 season of events.

Points will be awarded to the leading participants (covering all Senior, Masters, & U20 competitors) in each of our Men & Women’s Championships at the following events:

  • County XC Championships
  • County 5000m Championships
  • County 10000m Championships
  • County 5K Road Race Championships
  • County 10K Road Race Championships
  • County Half-Marathon Championships
  • County Marathon Championships
  • County Fell Running Championships

Points will be awarded as follows:

  • 1 point (per gender) for a top 12 finish at the County XC Championships
  • 1 point (per gender) for a top 6 finish in all the other Championship events listed above
  • An additional point for a 3rd place finish in each of the listed events
  • An additional 2 points for a 2nd place finish in each of the listed events
  • An additional 3 points for a Win in each of the above listed events

So a win will be worth 4 points, second place 3 points and third 2 points. To claim the overall award (a £250 ‘Training Grant’) a competitor must have achieved a scoring performance in a minimum 5 events.

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