UKA Technical Officials 

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£30 – Full Level 1 Course – includes Health & Safety, Generic and one discipline module

£10 – Health & Safety Module only – (for current Level 1+ officials) - new course will be online very soon

£20 – Discipline only (for those who have already attended H&S/Generic)

 Who should go on this course?

This course is suitable for all new officials from the ages of 14+ to attend (officials can only gain a licence card and DBS from 16+). Candidates work under the supervision of a qualified official in a specific discipline (e.g. Track, Field, Timekeeping, etc) before becoming a qualified technical official.

 What will I learn?

After completing the course candidates will have a knowledge and understanding in the following areas:

  • Appropriate attire/equipment
  • Knowledge and understanding of the role
  • Ability to follow duty sheet.
  • List events/roles covered
  • Health and Safety
  • Relationships with other officials and athletes
  • Knowledge and application of rules
  • Ability to make quick and correct decisions
  • Presentation and accuracy of result card
  • How to become a club, county or regional official and gain your officials licence


What will I be able to do?

After completing the course candidates will need to gain experience by attending four athletics meetings, operating under the supervision of a qualified UKA Technical Official.  These experiences should be recorded and submitted to England Athletics to show evidence of undertaking a variety of roles.  A DBS check will also be required following which a Level 1Officials Licence will be issued. By undertaking further experiences and completing a log book, officials can progress to qualify at further levels.





England Athletics News - See their website for updated information

Officials' Conference

The date for the 2018 Officials' Conference has now been confirmed as Sunday 8th April. The usual attendance is around 250 officials of all levels and experience, coming together from around the country to discuss relevant topics and issues in officiating, as well as offering valuable networking opportunities and sharing of best practice.

Keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks for more information on how you can register for this fantastic opportunity!

Quarterly eBulletin

Each quarter, England Athletics will be sending out a special eBulletin to all licensed officials, with information and useful updates around officiating, future courses and events, as well as celebrating success within the officiating community. Please get in touch with Nikki English if there is anything you would like to see in the newsletter, so she can ensure it’s as relevant as possible to all our officials.


New UKA updates for 2018

1. New requirement for Level 2 Track and Field Officials from 1st April 2018

In addition to the existing requirements all candidates for accreditation to Level 2 will require one report to be completed by an official at Level 3 or above. There will be a specific form for this purpose.          

For field judges the report will need to show that they can work competently on a long throw, showing full understanding of the safety protocols.

2. The latest IAAF rule book became effective from 1st November 2017.

It is important to be aware that these new rules ONLY apply to events which take place under IAAF Rules (i.e. British Athletics Indoor Championships and Müller Indoor Grand Prix Glasgow) at this point. The current UKA rule book, which came into force on 1st April 2016, is still effective for all domestic competition under UKA rules until the new UKA book is issued and becomes operational from 1st April 2018.


As officials working with children we often have to apply for DBS checks (formerly CRB). Volunteers should know about the "DBS Update Service" which can save you the bother of having to apply for repeat certificates. The Service is free for volunteers. If you are not already subscribed to this then it is worth doing so next time you apply for a DBS certificate. See here for more details
Officials' magazine 'For the Record'

This is sent by email to all registered officials

It contains relevant news and articles for officials of all levels and disciplines and this edition has details of five new booklets, which have been produced for new officials wanting to know where to begin.

Hard copies are also available via post from Nicola Evans. Email Nicola here .

Qualified Officials Are Needed

All sports competitions need their own technical officials (umpires for tennis and cricket; Referees and Linesmen for rugby, hockey and football)  so an athletics match needs its own complement of officials.  An average competition requires between 20 and 40 officials to run smoothly.   Thankfully this burden is often shared between the competing clubs but not one club in  our county could honestly claim to be able to fill its obligations with a full set of qualified officials in all four of the main disciplines concerned.  (Let alone think about walks judges and photofinish judges)

Some of our clubs, although competing regularly in track meetings, have no qualified officials at all.  Yet their club coaches, athletes and parents expect to enter high standard county championships and open meetings without contributing at all to the competition. This is a most unsatisfactory situation and it is essential that we enlist more people into the enjoyable and satisfying world of athletics officials.  

The process is not arduous.   The starting point is through either a Level 1 or Level 2 course, in either case this a single short day of about 10 am to 3 pm.   Level 1 is the entry level at which most adults would make their entry into officiating.  At this level it is necessary to attend a course and specialise in one of the four disciplines of starter/starter's assistant, field judge, track judge or timekeeper.   Experience at just four meetings, each signed off in a logbook, then achieves the status of level 2a, a club level official.  Moving up then to county level is very straightforward and further progress to regional or even national level would be encouraged but the immediate need is for local officials at our grass roots level.   Any further progress would be entirely up to the individual. Courses are mostly held during the winter months (all the tutors are too busy officiating during the summer season!) and full details will be found on the England Athletics website under the heading Courses and Bookings. Although courses will be held in nearby venues, you can book on one anywhere in the country.    The cost is £30 and certainly most, probably all clubs will meet this expense.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE IN A CLUB TO ATTEND A COURSE - YOU CAN JOIN A CLUB LATER - OR YOU CAN DECIDE NOT TO BE IN A CLUB (most of the officials who are not in clubs help out where they are needed). Anyone needing more information is welcome to contact this website for more information and a chat with someone who can help you.

Officials' contact details

Our County Athletics Association maintains a database of active officials and will try to contact you with relevant information and opportunities for officiating. The L&RAA Technical Officials' Secretary is responsible for organising officials for County events. Where possible, help will be given for contacting officials for local club and schools events. The Secretary is also responsible for supporting the education and training of UKA Officials (Starters, Marksmen, Track Judges, Field Judges Timekeepers and Endurance Officials). The Secretary is Cherie D'Silva and she can be contacted by email on:   Carol Fossard is the Endurance Officials Secretary

 New Facebook Page for Technical Officials

This new page is a place for event organisers in England to post events in need of officials - hopefully leading to us helping each other out to enable competitions to go ahead. 

It has some people that are interested in becoming an official, who would like a taster/to get a feel before going on a course.

 Let us know what you think

 Message regarding judging long throws - UKA Rules clarification in June 2017

In all cases of Long Throws the event must be controlled by a Chief Judge who is a qualified Technical Official at Level 2 or above. They may position themselves in the landing sector or be the controlling judge at the throwing area; a decision which will be made depending on the distance likely to be thrown.

There is a new document (one page) which you can download here and this clarifies what each of the various levels of technical officials or helpers are permitted to do

Track and Field Officials -- The Levels - Further information

This is the officiating structure for Track and Field officials which applied from April 1st 2016, and how to reach each level following your course. The relevant forms can be found at This Site.

  • Level 1: (previous Level 2A's)
    • You need to complete the Competition Experience form for four meetings in your chosen discipline. You should show evidence of undertaking a variety of roles: Field officials need to show experience of officiating in both horizontal and vertical jumps, and both shot and long throws (so may require more than four meetings).
    • After your first submission of a Record of experience form (visit This Pagefor more about this), t


  • Level 2: (previous Level 2B's)
    • Candidates needs to submit an application for accreditation at Level 2 showing a minimum of a further 6 competition experiences, completion of the Level 2 questions and evidence of self-reflection and mentoring.
    • You will need to be at least a new Level 2 to lead a long-throws event.
  • Level 3: (previous Level 2C's)
    • Candidates need to submit an application for accreditation for Level 3 showing a minimum of a further 10 competition experiences and 1 Regional report.
    • Officials below Level 4 are unlikely to be given officiating jobs at National level meetings or above, but there are other posts, not often found at lower level meetings, for which Level 3's may be considered. Here Is A List of some of them.
  • Level 4: (Previous Level 3's or 4's).
    • This level is for qualified officials with ambitions to work at National competitions or higher. This level will now be administered by UKA, not EA.
    • Officials who show at least a further 10 successful experiences in their log book, and produce a minimum of 6 required reports, as well as attending relevant course modules, can progress to Level 4 and be considered for appointment for National-level and higher meetings. There is no guarantee of being appointed!
  • Level 5: Officials to take on principal officiating or organisational roles at National or International-level meetings
    • Unsurprisingly, special requirements apply here. This level will be administered by UKA


Starters (especially lower-level or trainees) Please Note!

The Olympic 380 BBM imitation pistol has been reclassified, and it is now illegal to own one (we're talking about National Law, not just some UKA bureaucrat ruling). For more information follow This Link.

 Officials and Athletics Volunteers - Licence and Safeguarding Check

  Changes to Government legislation have led to changes in the area of safeguarding checks across all sports. It is important that clubs and people such as coaches and officials who require a DBS (formerly a CRB) check are aware of these changes.

 Changes to the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 mean that from the 17th June 2013 the Disclosure and Barring Service will only issue one certificate which will be sent to the applicant.

 This change is important as it means that that UKA no longer receives a copy of your DBS certificate.  This means that you, should you wish to proceed, need to send your DBS certificate to UKA so they can see it and take the next steps in the process.

 More information is available via the England Athletics website above


Please also visit the Events Page and the Disability Page - if you would like to officiate at any of these events then contact Cherie D'Silva for details. The Events Page also contains a link to information for Race Directors.

A useful website for all officials is our Midlands professional association, MAFEO. See their website:

Here are the latest details about grading and upgrading of Endurance Officials - click here

 Further information about Technical Officials can be found on the UKA website.  The information about Officials can be found by clicking on the "drop-down" menu - Competitions. The UKA website is