Posted by Administrator on Thu 3 January 2019

93rd Cross Country Championships Saturday 5th January 2019 Rotherby Lodge Farm, Rotherby, LE14 2LL

Please see the Events Page for the LINK TO THE FINAL list of entries AND THE FULL AGE GROUP and CLUB MEMBERSHIP. 

  • Race numbers MUST be collected at least 30 minutes prior to the race (Registration is open from 10.15 a.m.)
  • There is a 75 MINUTE MAXIMUM FOR ATHLETES in the senior/masters male category (after this time the finish judges will not record the results).
  • The course is on private land and there is strictly no access prior to the day of the championship. Please respect the privacy of the owners and the working of the farm. 
  • There will be no charge for parking but, at the request of the land owners, a portion of the entry fee will be donated to the Frisby Old School Group. 

Team Scoring Rules: Only first claim members shall be eligible for team competition (this is a change from 2018).

Team awards shall be based on the first THREE from each Club to finish in each age group race, except for the Senior Men's race where the first FIVE from that age group shall score and the Masters Men’s race where the first FOUR shall score.

*Note: No-one can receive more than two awards, one of which can be a team award.

Individual Awards can only be taken in the age group entered, other than the Senior Championship Male and Female Trophies which are presented to the first athlete to cross the line in the combined age group race.  


11.45pm Under 17 Women 5km

12.00pm Under 13 Girls 3km

12.15pm Under 13 Boys 3km

12.35pm Juniors/Seniors/Masters Women 8km

1.20pm Under 15 Girls 4km

1.40pm Under 15 Boys 4km

1.55pm Under 17 Men 6km

2.15pm Juniors/Seniors/Masters Men 10km