Schools Cross Country Team Manager

Posted by Administrator on Wed 18 November 2020

A message to the County Association from LEICESTERSHIRE AND RUTLAND SCHOOLS A.A. 

Dear Alan, 

At the last Annual General Meeting the County Schools Team Manager resigned and to date no-one has come forward to take on the position.  The Team Manager has to be a teacher or ex- teacher.   

If no one comes forward to take on the position then the Leicestershire and Rutland County Schools Association will unable to send teams to the English Schools Cross Country Championships next year.  It would be a great shame for cross country athletes within the schools not to have the opportunity to be selected to represent the County Schools and compete in the ESAA Cross Country Championships . To avoid disappointing students in Leicestershire and Rutland schools we urgently need to fill this position. 

Could you please contact all the clubs to ask if anyone knows of any teacher or ex teacher with an interest in cross country, or who was perhaps an athlete themselves,  who would consider taking on the role of Leicestershire and Rutland Schools Cross Country Team Manager.  If they know of anyone could they please contact the Association A.S.A.P. (via

Best Wishes 

Roger Binks 

(Chairman Leicestershire and Rutland Schools A.A.)