Saffron Lane Stadium Improvements Update

Posted by Administrator on Mon 24 September 2018

Leicester Council seeks further views regarding stadium proposed changes

We have been sent this response from the council following the feedback sent to them after the consultation meeting:

"We are aware that there has been a number of ambiguous social media posts and a petition set up.  It is unfortunate that they are based on no factual information.  To try and dispel these myths and to allow for more feedback to be received then we have opened up a formal consultation hub, which will be open for 6 weeks and will allow a broader range of users to feed in to the consultation. Also, this is being supported by a  press release that is being released today. The link for the site is:

 "We would very much welcome people to feed into this consultation."

 Please also note the following communication

"No discussions have been had with an external sports partner yet. Although, we do get regular expressions of interest from a number of sports: rugby, football, American football, baseball.  We do not intend on entering into any of these discussions until we can ensure that the stadium meets the needs of athletics first.  Therefore, once we have had an opportunity to look at the feedback from the consultation then we will decide the most appropriate steps to take."

Please make up your own mind - based on the presentation (copy on previous newsfeed) and speak to the council or ask questions. At least five individuals have been in touch with this website to say the proposals WILL BE IN THE BEST INTEREST OF LOCAL ATHLETICS. Yet many others are saying that it will not be the case