Reg Toone (1)

Posted by Administrator on Mon 7 October 2019

Appeal for information - Morris Sports Club and Reg Toone

We have had the following appeal about a Leicester CAT (now Leicester Coritanian AC) athlete.

I wonder if anyone involved with Leicestershire athletics knows anything
about Reg Toone, who was a member of Morris Sports & Social Club and
then of Leicester Colleges of Art & Technology in the years immediately
after World War II. He emerged from nowhere as an exceptional sprinter
in the army in 1946 and was later Leicestershire and Midlands champion
at 100 yards and represented England, but he remains the least known
high-ranked British sprinter of the last 70 years or so. I edit a
quarterly journal concerned with athletics history, and any further
information about Mr Toone, particularly family and work, would be much
appreciated. What, for instance, was the Morris company - not the car
manufacturers, I imagine.
Thanks in advance for any help you can give.
Bob Phillips
Editor, "Track Stats".