County Championships 2018 Results

Posted by Administrator on Fri 25 May 2018

All the results for all the dates of the Leics and Rutland AA County Track and Field Championships in 2018 have been sent to the Power of Ten. They have all now been uploaded 

The other events are now published and can be found on Power of Ten: 18th April (search for Rugby & Northampton Open, not Moulten Open); 26th April; 13th May; 16th May. The County Field Champs results are published for 12th May.

We will publish the complete results on this website after this weekend after the last of our track events (the steeplechases) in Leicester on Saturday 26th May.

Additionally it has not been possible to indicate our county champions and medallists on the results for the "other dates" due to a  recent change of policy by UKA/Power of Ten regarding showing results from a joint championship or races which include other competitors.

We had thought that the additional dates and opportunities would be more advantageous to our county athletes (a few of you have already emailed to say this). However the additional admin and the lack of a full set of results from all the events which would indicate the county champions and medallists may not be welcome to everyone. Let us know what you think.