Championship Timetable

Posted by Administrator on Thu 22 March 2018

FAQ - Championships - Updated AGAIN

Timetable - rough indication

We will do our best to ensure that events do not clash on the Saturday Main Timetable. We can easily see what has been entered if you have already made your booking. If you want to wait to be sure about the timetable then send us an email to say your age group and gender and the events you wish to do. This will help us to make a decision as early as possible. An indicated timetable is on the events page AND HAS BEEN REVISED ON APRIL 3RD TO REMOVE THE DUPLICATED JAVELIN TIMES

A final full timetable will not be available until after the closing date.

Masters - throwing weights

We are currently seeking clarification about this and will post further information in due course. The weights will be no more than the 35 age group. We welcome your views but will also consider the historical situation and the safety of athletes. A FURTHER CLARIFICATION IS NOW (APRIL 3RD) ON THE EVENTS PAGE