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 Fell Running Team selected 

The Seniors Inter County Fell Championships will be held within the Flower Scar fell race, Todmorden, West Yorkshire on May 11th 2019

This is the team selected by the Team Manager, Jason Williams

 Women: Frances Arnott (Leicester University), Lauren Elmore (West End Runners), Katie Hately (Stilton Striders),   Alice Rowland (Wigston Phoenix)

Men: Mark Lambell (West End Runners), Nathan Lawson (Dark Peak Fell Runners), Sam Pole (Fleckney & Kibworth RC), Aiste Razmaite (Leicester University), Jason Williams (Hermitage Harriers)

County Track and Field Championships 2019 - UKA Licence OUT 19/400

You must enter individual events on 11/12 May using the online entry system.

 Available Championship Events - Venues and Dates

  • Wednesday 17th April, Pingles Stadium, Nuneaton: 10,000m- U20, Sen and Mas (35+) –  ENTRIES CLOSED
  •              Saturday 11th May at Saffron Lane Athletics Stadium, Leicester 
  • Track: 100m, Sprint Hurdles (75, 80, 100, 110), Male 800m, Female 1500m, 5000m (All)
  • Field: Long Jump, Discus, Shot Put.
  • U11 Development events – 75m, 150m, 600m, Long Jump & Relay.
    • Sunday 12th May at Saffron Lane Athletics Stadium, Leicester
      • Track: 200m, Long Hurdles (300 or 400m), 300m (U15G/B, U17W), 400m (U17M, U20+ Male/Female), Female 800m, Male 1500m, 3000m (U17, U15), Walks, Relays (CLUBS)
      • Field: High Jump, Javelin, Triple Jump
    • Monday 10th June, Loughborough: Hammer (all), Pole Vault (all) - Separate entry form revised

The Important Information is here and it contains all the information you will need about the events available on 11th and 12th May in Leicester. Please make sure you read the document before you enter. There is also a link for you to click on within the document

 Here is the link to the online entry system: 

(copy and paste the link into your browser OR use your mouse to go straight to the link)
The closing time is 22:00 on Thursday 25th April 2019.

Draft timetable ready to download for both the 11th and 12th May dates.

  • Please note that there is a separate entry form for the Relays for you to download 
  • There is a separate entry form for the 10,000m Champs on 17th April - see link on the Events Diary page
  • There is a separate entry form above for the Hammer and Pole Vault events on June 10th - closing date 25th April 
  • Please contact us if you are interested in a Steeplechase event - this has not yet been planned but we are making enquiries to accommodate (so far) - a Senior woman (2000m S/C), an U15 Woman (1500m s/c)-
  • Please address enquiries to us using the special email address for ALL the Championship events:
  • 10,000m Results on Po10 and this website Results page. 


County Sporthall Athletics Teams for East Midlands Regional at Grantham - 17th March 2019

Congratulations to the following athletes and their clubs. Team Managers - Gary Smith (Boys); Sharon Smith (Girls)

Under 11 Girls
Charnwood AC - Alesia Demello-Leitao (Captain), Saskia Demello-Leitao, Kaitlyn Coulson, Erinn Mushrow
Hinckley RC - Phoebe Buckler
Ivanhoe Robins - Lilia Wilkins, Lexie Divall, Scarlett Powers, Ruby Powers, Lucy May, Nicole Chipindiko
Saffron AC - Jessie Peter
Wreake & Soar Valley AC - Imogen Jones, Emily Gibson, Isabella Charlesworth
Under 11 Boys
Charnwood AC - Alex Carne, Mali Bailey, Sam Spooner, Skander Watson
Hinckley RC - Elliot Daminet 
Ivanhoe Robins - Adam Morrison (Captain), Luca Axton, Luca Fasci, Marcus Godfrey, Tapiwa Magwaza, Evan Richardson
Saffron AC - Gino Mazzei, Christopher Pami, 
Wreake & Soar Valley AC - Archie Clarke
Under 13 Girls
Charnwood AC - Georgia Sorby, Emma Abel, Savana Smith, Gracie-Rose Walters, Lauren Cherry
Ivanhoe Robins - Ella Merrie (Joint Captain), Chloe Mabhara (Joint Captain), Eleanor Orme-Herbert, Erin Suart, Nancy Smith
Rutland AC - Kayleigh Nevin
Saffron AC - Eve Aston
Under 13 Boys
Charnwood AC - Archie Bryan, Finnley Mushrow, Joel Bevilacqua Masunda (Harry Carrott from Charnwood AC was selected but unable to attend)
Ivanhoe Robins - Frankie Bevilacqua Masunda (Captain), Samuel Smith, Lucca Massarella, Harry Blewitt-Jenkins, Sam Haines  (Jasper Bath selected but unable to attend)
Saffron AC - Gerard Pami, Corey Shepherd, Jaydon Shaw
Wreake & Soar Valley AC - Finley Venables
Under 15 Girls
Charnwood AC - Charli Sampson, Neve Evans
Hinckley RC - Elise Cook-Sutton (Captain)
Ivanhoe Robins - Etty Sisson, Rosie Harris, Jolie Lynn
Saffron AC - Emily Buckler
Under 15 Boys
Ivanhoe Robins - James Boyles, Luca Michalowski
Saffron AC - Ellis McBean, Liam Hall, Ashley Butler, Tanaka Mangwiro
Wreake & Soar Valley AC - Marcus Deane (Captain)


County Teams for Inter Counties (CAU) Cross Country Championships on Saturday 9th March 2019 - Updated lists below for Seniors and U20s

The names below have been submitted to the CAU as our county entries from which the final selections and pen order will be selected after the English National Championships and athletes will be informed accordingly

Senior and Junior Men's Team Selections (Alan Maddocks)

The Senior Men Team & Reserves (in alphabetical - not pen - order) are as follows:  

Team: Ben Dijkstra ; Tom Gostelow; Danny Hallam; Chris Jordan; Finn Lydon; Chris Perham; Sam Stabler; Sam Stevens; & Alastair Watson.

Reserves: Simon Allen; Thomas Davis; & Mark Powell ... (note: in alphabetical order, not necessarily the order they may be called up, if required)

 The U20 Men Team (in alphabetical - not pen - order) is as follows:

 Team: Jack Douglas; Joel Dungworth; Tom Fortnum; Ben Hewson; Jack Houlihan; Joseph Pollard; Geoffrey Pugsley; & Jake Smith

(Note: there are no reserves for the U20M team)

Senior and Junior Women's Teams Selections (Team Manager Bill Winter) 

The U20 Women’s team below is in pen order.

  1. Amy Hammersley
  2. Rhea Cooper
  3. Beane Moores

The Senior Women’s team below is in pen order.

  1. Amy Griffiths
  2. Lucy Crookes
  3. Chrissie Dover
  4. Frances Arnott
  5. Claire Shea-Simonds
  6. Amy Seager
  7. Kristie Matthiae
  8. Page Stevenson
  9. Natalie Egginton


  1. Bonita Robinson
  2. Sarah Ward
  3. Lucy Ellis
  4. Jo Sanders
  5. Jessica Necchi


Under 17 Men (Team Manager Sandy Villetet)

Hisham  Alkhamesi                  Nuneaton Harriers AC

Kieren    Coleman-Smith          Charnwood AC

Charlie  Combey                     Saffron AC

Vincent   Dawson                    Charnwood AC

Seamas   Hurst                       Charnwood AC

Jack   Hurst                            Saffron AC

Luke    Nuttall                         Charnwood AC

Ethan    O'Shea                       Charnwood AC

Zach      Spence                     Wreake & Soar Valley AC


 Under 13 Girls (Team Manager Lisa Douglas)

Poppy Adkin                                   Saffron AC

Rosie Ashmore                              Wreake & Soar Valley                 

Lyla Bryan                                       Wreake & Soar Valley   

Sophie Dunbobbin                        Wreake & Soar Valley                  

Nadia Gauhar                                 Desford Striders                          

Matilda McGrath                           Saffron AC         

Jesssica Robertson-Dover            Wreake & Soar Valley AC            

Eve Rowley                                     Saffron AC

Savana Smith                                  Charnwood AC                                                          

Rebecca Van Aardt                        Wreake & Soar Valley   

Gracie-Rose Walters                     Charnwood AC                              

Isabella Wrightam                         Wreake & Soar Valley AC                 

Under 15 Girls (Team Manager Lisa Douglas)

Olivia Bailey                                   Wreake & Soar Valley AC            

Indienne King                                 Wreake & Soar Valley AC            

Demi Locker                                   Charnwood AC               

Lucy Morrison                               Charnwood AC               

Gemma Newport                          Charnwood AC 

Katie Parker                                   Wreake & Soar Valley AC            

McKenzie Smith-Byrne                Saffron AC                                      

Eliza Weselby                                 Wreake & Soar Valley AC                 

Under 17 Girls (Team Manager Lisa Douglas)

Mia Atkinson                                 Charnwood AC                              

Elizabeth Clapp                             Harborough AC              

Eilidh Maclean                               Harborough AC              

Emma Richards                             Saffron AC                       

Grace Smith                                   Leicester Coritanian AC               

Rosie Timlock                                 Wreake & Soar Valley AC            

Bethany Wallis                              Harborough AC              

Under 13 Boys  (12) (Team Manager Wayne Walker)

Frankie         Bevilacqua Masunda             Charnwood AC

Mackenzie   Bloxham                                   Wreake and Soar Valley   AC

Ryan            Butler                                         Saffron AC

Sam             Haines                                       Charnwood  AC

Daniel          Harris                                        Charnwood  AC

Joe              Matthews                                  Desford Striders  

Joseph          Pointon                                    Wreake and Soar Valley AC

William         Ronald                                      Corby AC

Ewan            Russell                                      Wreake and Soar Valley AC

Jack            Stretton                                      Leicester Coritanian AC

Daniel          Van Aardt                                 Wreake and Soar Valley AC

Robert          Wardlaw                                  Saffron AC

Under 15 Boys  (9) (Team Manager Wayne Walker)

Adam            Barber                                     Harborough AC 
Alex            Coleston-Shields                      Charnwood AC
Thomas         Dixon                                      Charnwood AC         
Tom             Hattee                                        Corby AC       
Joseph          O'Connell                                Harborough AC  
Max             Potter                                        Charnwood AC  
Oliver          Rowles                                      Ivanhoe Robins    
Lucas           Spence                                      Wreake and Soar Valley   AC
Sam             Wright                                       Saffron AC    

Senior and Junior Women's Teams (Bill Winter)

Selection Policy: The first 4 to finish in each race will be selected automatically, if they wish to be.  The remaining places will be selected taking account of performances in the Midland and English National Cross-Country Championships together with any other relevant performances.

The County has to make the entry by the 1st February 2019.  In the Senior race we can enter 15, 9 can run and 6 will score.  In the U20’s race we can enter 12, 8 can run and 4 will score.

 Please note that the U20 race in the UKCAU Inter-counties is run under IAAF rules and athletes must be under 20 at midnight 31st December 2019.  i.e. those born in 1999 or before are therefore too old.

 Please contact Bill Winter as soon as possible, but no later than Friday 11th January 2019.  Ideally, if you have the facility, please contact him by email if you are keen to be selected by L&RAA for the UK CAU Inter-counties XC on the 9th March 2019.

 Telephone:  0116 2363600                     Mobile:  07710 086063 Email:      

Senior and Junior Men's Teams (Alan Maddocks)

Selection Policy: The first 4 Senior Men at the County XC (as in previous seasons) are automatically qualified for the team (subject to fitness/availability).

 The U20M are a special age group in that with the Inter-Counties XC being run under IAAF age groups this limits the eligible cohort to 50% of those who are UK Juniors. ... At the County XC the first 5 Juniors (actually 6 as one chose to run as a ‘Senior’) over the line are too old for consideration (i.e. born 1998/99). All those who ran last Saturday and are eligible (5 of them) and others who are eligible but did not run on Saturday have been contacted to ascertain interest/availability.

Alan has already been in touch with all Senior & U20M under consideration following the County XC Championships.   Email: 


Under 17, Under 15 and Under 13 Male and Female teams

 The first THREE athletes to finish in the Leicestershire & Rutland County Championship race will automatically be selected for the final team.  The remaining athletes will be selected after taking account of performances in the Midland and English National Championships together with any other relevant performances.

The County has to make the entry by Friday 1 February 2019. In the U13, U15 and U17 races, twelve athletes will be entered, eight of whom will run on the day, with the first four finishers scoring for the team. If you are selected as a travelling reserve, you will be expected to attend the event.

 Please inform the team managers by 17th January if you wish to be considered for selection for the L&RAA at the UK CAU Inter-counties XC on the 9th March 2019  even if you have not been able to compete at the county championship.

Wayne Walker Under 13, Under 15 Boys   Mobile 07977 111413

 Lisa Douglas  Under 13, Under 15 , Under 17 Girls Mobile  078 898 426 13

 Sandy Villetet  Under 17 Boys Mobile O7758 929999


County Cross Country Championships - 5th January 2019

The results are now on the Results page of this website

Any queries should be sent to the Event Secretary:


  Junior Inter Counties Team Selection - 8th September - Harvey Hadden Stadium, Nottingham

Congratulations - See the results page for final information

The current selection policy was approved by Leicestershire & Rutland AA about eight years ago. It has proved successful in ensuring the best possible county team (we have won the competition 3 times in the past 8 years!). It has also led to new athletes joining county clubs when they previously had been more involved in other sports.  The selection process for the county teams is slightly different for this event as the competition is not part of the UKA (Counties Athletic Union) Inter County structure. Each of the seven counties have their own different selection policy and the details of the history and rules of the event are available on this link.

The policy is this: The top 2 ranked athletes for every event are selected. This includes the results from the County Schools competition as well as the Power of 10 rankings. The County School results are not always shown on the Power of 10 rankings. Not all events are hosted each year at the Inter county competition and this particularly affects the selection for field events and for middle distance races. For example there are no pole vault events and no triple jump; there is only one middle distance race for the Under 13s (which alternates in distance each year).

 The current manager is Kelly Phiri and she has managed and selected the team in ten previous years. She has always worked closely with the County Secretary, local clubs and she reports to the committee in the same way as other managers do. Very rarely or occasionally an athlete has been overlooked and the county association  encourages athletes/parents/coaches/clubs to contact Kelly or the association in such circumstances. 


Leicestershire & Rutland AA County Track and Field Championships 2018 

All the results are now on the Power of 10 and on the results page.

Thanks to everyone for their support in the Championship venues and dates.



Leicestershire & Rutland AA County Cross Championships - 6th January 2018 - this event is closed and results are on the results page