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Leicestershire & Rutland AA County Cross Championships - 6th January 2018 - amended information

We are delighted to provide you with the amended entry prospectus for the 2018 L&R AA County championships. This now includes: permit number, information about access and the charge for car parking. Please ensure you read all the details on the prospectus.

Entry Details: We would like to encourage online entries as these are much more efficient for everyone. You can do this on a new website link which can be found on the entry prospectus:

This entry website link is available until 10 pm 2nd January 2018.

If you do not wish to enter on line then please print off the separate paper entry form available from the L&RAA website and send it with your entry fee to XC Entries, c/o 19 Shanklin Avenue, Leicester, LE2 3RF by the earlier closing date of 19th December. Postal entries will be acknowledged if you provide a mobile or email contact.

A limited number of late entries may be available (at the discretion of the Entry Secretary, Dave Lodwick) but will be subject to an additional charge of £10. 


Entries received up till 2nd December (updates will follow weekly if possible)  

Poppy Adkin Under 13 Girls   Ian Abson Masters Men
Laura Aryeetey Under 17 Women   Nathan Adams Senior Men
Stevie-Jade Beeby Sen Women   Matt Adcock Senior Men
Elsie Butler Sen Women   Peter Armstrong Senior Men
Rebeka Cohen Sen Women   Frank Baddick Senior Men
Rhea Cooper Under 17 Women   Craig Baker Masters Men
Isla Cullen Under 13 Girls   Rob Beers Masters Men
Rebecca Cullen Under 13 Girls   Mackenzie Bloxham Under 13 Boys
Rebecca Cullen Under 15 Girls   Jason Brotherhood Masters Men
Sophie Dunbobbin Under 13 Girls   Emlyn Brown Under 13 Boys
Hollie Elliott Sen Women   Mark Bush Masters Men
Lisa Godfrey Sen Women   Jamie Butler Senior Men
Amy Griffiths Sen Women   Kieren Coleman Smith Under 17 Men
Amy Hammersley Under 20 Women   Alex Coleston-Shields Under 15 Boys
Eleanor Harwood Under 13 Girls   Tom Corby Under 20 Men
Indienne King Under 15 Girls   Mark Couldwell Masters Men
Charlotte Leeds Sen Women   Ian Cox Senior Men
Florence Lissaman Under 13 Girls   Gareth Coyle Masters Men
Amelie McCann Under 13 Girls   Matt Curtis Masters Men
Olivia Mcfarlane Under 13 Girls   Ben Darlow Senior Men
Lexie McLoughlin Under 15 Girls   Vinnie Dawson Under 15 Boys
Rebecca Miles Sen Women   Ethan Day Under 13 Boys
Ysabel Murdey Under 15 Girls   Jamie Day Under 15 Boys
Isabel Oakland Under 13 Girls   Gareth Deacon Masters Men
Hannah Ord Under 17 Women   Raymond Draycott Masters Men
Isobel Orencas Under 13 Girls   Paul Featherstone Senior Men
Katie Parker Under 15 Girls   Brian Feldman Masters Men
Katherine Perkins Sen Women   Lachlan Finch Under 13 Boys
Lyndsey Richardson Sen Women   Kieran Flannery Senior Men
Elsie Robinson Under 13 Girls   Thomas Gibbons Under 15 Boys
Bonita Robinson Sen Women   Matthew Hallam Senior Men
Hannah Seager Under 17 Women   Malcolm Harris Masters Men
Aimee Seager Under 20 Women   Andrew Harris Masters Men
Sophie Shield Under 13 Girls   Tim Hartley Senior Men
Savana Smith Under 13 Girls   Tom Hattee Under 15 Boys
McKenzie Smith-Byrne Under 13 Girls   Mike Higgins Masters Men
Paige Stevenson Under 20 Women   Chris Hine Senior Men
Helen Taller Sen Women   Graham Hobbs Masters Men
Jordan Waine Under 20 Women   Ashley Holt Masters Men
Gracie-Rose Walters Under 13 Girls   Harry Horsley Senior Men
Eliza Weselby Under 13 Girls   Iain Howe Masters Men
Isabella  Wrightam Under 13 Girls   Ross Jackson Senior Men
        Matt Johnson Masters Men
        Joe Langham Senior Men
        Paul Leaney Masters Men
        Adam Lockton Masters Men
        Oliver Matharu Senior Men
        Sean McCann Under 13 Boys
        Gavin McDermott Senior Men
        George McMorran Under 13 Boys
        Paul McMorran Masters Men
        Paul Miles Senior Men
        Nick Moore Senior Men
        Danny-Ray Murdey Under 13 Boys
        Ian Murdey Masters Men
        Dean Nutting Masters Men
        Alastair Orencas Masters Men
        Joseph Pollard Under 20 Men
        Andrew Price Masters Men
        Mark Ramsden Masters Men
        Mat Richardson Masters Men
        Daniel Ryan Senior Men
        James Smith Senior Men
        Nick Smith Masters Men
        Tristan Snutch Senior Men
        Lucas Spence Under 15 Boys
        Zach Spence Under 17 Men
        Luke Talbot Under 13 Boys
        Kian Traynor Under 15 Boys
        Richard Veitch Masters Men
        Robert Wardlaw Under 13 Boys
        Darren Weston Masters Men
        Jason Williams Senior Men
        Darren Wilson Masters Men
        Samuel Wright Under 13 Boys
        Randall Yule Under 13 Boys


County Team for Nuneaton - 9th September

Leics & Rutland AA Team Manager, Kelly Phiri, has announced the team for the highly competitive inter county match next month. The specific events the athletes are doing will be announced in the week of the competition.

Congratulations to all the 65 athletes, their clubs, coaches and schools! Please make sure that Kelly knows where the athletes wish to be picked up (Loughborough or Leicester) and if they have any specific medical concerns. All athletes will be wearing county representative vests on the day.

If you would like to offer your help with organising the athletes on the day or on the coach or in any other way please contact Kelly or this website as soon as possible. 

 Once again we have a spread of athletes from six of the strongest athletics clubs in the county, together with athletes who live in Leicestershire but are from clubs outside the county.  We have county school athletes who are prominent in other sports but who love to compete in athletics too.

Well done to everyone! (list removed - see final results)


 Junior Inter Counties - 9th September 2017 - Nuneaton

 The Leicestershire & Rutland Team has been announced. The events for each athlete will be finalised once we have information about availability. The teams will be kept informed as early as possible. The list of athletes is on the county Facebook page as well as on the News Page of this website.

 The selection process for the county teams is slightly different for this event as the competition is not part of the UKA (Counties Athletic Union) Inter County structure. Each of the seven counties have their own different selection policy and the details of the history and rules of the event are available on this link.

The current selection policy was approved by Leicestershire & Rutland AA about seven years ago. It has proved successful in ensuring the best possible county team (we have won the competition 3 times in the past 7 years!). It has also led to new athletes joining county clubs when they previously had been more involved in other sports. 

The policy is this: The top 2 ranked athletes for every event are selected. This includes the results from the County Schools competition as well as the Power of 10 rankings. The County School results are not always shown on the Power of 10 rankings. Not all events are hosted each year at the Inter county competition and this particularly affects the selection for field events and for middle distance races. For example there are no pole vault events and no triple jump; there is only one middle distance race for the Under 13s (which alternates in distance each year).

 The current manager is Kelly Phiri and she has managed and selected the team in nine previous years. She has always worked closely with the County Secretary, local clubs and she reports to the committee in the same way as other managers do. Very rarely or occasionally an athlete has been overlooked and the county association  encourages athletes/parents/coaches/clubs to contact Kelly or the association in such circumstances. 

Injury and illness and excellent performances later in the season may change the selection list. Kelly will send information to all concerned as quickly as possible to ensure the best team is chosen for the county. The list on Facebook and above some names where we do not yet have the contact details for these athletes and would appreciate any help you can give if you know these people.

This year the county should have organised the event in Leicester. We were unable to find anyone to take this on and so Warwickshire have kindly done this for us in Nuneaton (although we are paying all the bills and organising the technical officials and helpers!!)


County Track & Field Championships 2017 - Events below now closed.

1. 13th and 14th May at Pingles Athletics Stadium in Nuneaton - main T&F championships

For specific issues of eligibility for Leics & Rutland then please contact the County Secretary via this website: 

There is no longer a 5000m Championships within the main championship event (but there is a 3000m); the 5000m races will be held on Sunday 4th June - see details below.

Here are the current Championship records after the May 2016 Championships (the 2017 records are on the results page)


2.  Sunday 4th June at Saffron Lane Athletics Track, Leicester - Pentathlon Champs and Open

Electronic Timing available


3. Sunday 4th June at Saffron Lane Athletics Track, Leicester - 5,000m Champs and Open

Electronic Timing available


4. Wednesday 21st June  at Pingles Stadium, Nuneaton  10,0000m County Champs and Open



APRIL 2ND 2017 - East Mids Trials for Mini-Marathon Team

See events diary for the link to the entry form - this is an England Athletics event

Leics Road Running League - also see:

LRRL 2017 Fixtures 

The LRRL race programme for 2017 

Summer League

West End 8: May 7th
Gaddesby 7: May 21st
Swithland 6: June 4th

Prestwold 10K: 19th June
Hungarton 7: July 5th
Joy Cann 5: August 2nd
Carl Rutt 10K: August 13th - also the County 10Km Road Champs
John Fraser 10: September 3rd  - also the County 10 mile Champs

Further details on this link:

Schools Cross-Country Links



See website for more information -

There is now also a separate Schools Page on this website which includes information from the County Schools Track and Field Association (a separate organisation). Their secondary schools county track and field championship is on Saturday 10th June 2017

 4. Various Other Events in the City/County/Region (please contact us to include your events)

  Leicestershire Quadkids League (for clubs with athletes in  School Years 3-6)- please contact for further details 

All the results are published on the the Leics Network site:

Leicestershire & Rutland Sportshall League - please contact us for further details if you would like to enter a team for Autumn 2017 - this is open to all clubs and all individual athletes who are qualified for Leics & Rutland even if you are not in a club.