Congratulations to all our 2014 County winners In Manchester and Coventry

On the same weekend that the English Schools Athletics Championships were being held a smaller group were competing not far down the road in Coventry other Leicestershire pupils were competing in the Disability National Junior Championships. They were representing the East Midlands and had similarly been chosen from their performances at County and Regional level. All athletes have to achieve a national standard before being allowed to enter.

Medals were awarded in their age and disability groups to the following pupils:

Gold: Umaymah Dakri (100m w/c), Adam Flanagan (shot), Ellie Gibbins (shot), Hassan Ougharadar (shot) and Heather Dorman (Long Jump). 

Silver: Adam Flanagan (100m), Luke Truman (400m), Ashley Gravelling (200m), Floss Salter (100m w/c) and Euloge Kyapi (Javelin).

Bronze: Jack Johnson (shot), Euloge Kyapi (100 and 200m) and Ashley Gravelling (1500m).

Just two weeks earlier many of the pupils and others had attended the National Mencap Championships in Manchester (again national standard apply). There were nine Leicestershire athletes with top three positions with Gold medals for: Marcel Hodge (Long Jump and 100m), Connor Sturgess (400m), Chris McMillan (1500m), Jazmine Bolton (200m) and Adam Flanagan (shot); Silver medals for Chris McMillan (800m), Jazmine Bolton (100m and Javelin), Euloge Kyapi (100m) and Adam Flanagan (200m); and Bronze medals for: Adam Flanagan (100m), Ellie Gibbins (100m), Hassan Oughradar (Javelin and Shot) and Louis Edwards (Long Jump).