The day-to-day management of the Association is undertaken by the elected Officers of the Association who are known as the Executive. [Also see the sub-page "Meetings"

The officers are elected at the AGM and for 2018-19 are:

The Past President* (Chris Smith), The President* (Carol Fossard), the President Elect* (Phil Watts), the Chair (Chris Berwick), the Honorary Secretary (vacant), and the Honorary Treasurer (Carol Fossard)

*Presidents are elected for 2 years and so  Phil Watts will begin his term of office as President in 2020 

The General Committee consists of

  1. The Executive (the five officers of the Executive are the President, the President Elect, the Chair, the Treasurer and the Secretary.)
  2. No more than 3 representatives from each affiliated club
  3. The Vice-Presidents: Roger Binks, Anne Bray, Ken Bray, Jose Clarke, June Clarke, Cherie D’Silva, Richard Float, Colin Fox,  Margaret Fox, John Harper, John Heywood, Derek Johnson, Peter Leach, Mick Loach, Kevin Mee, Kelly Phiri, Wayne Walker, Ian Wilson
  4. The Competition Secretaries: Track & Field**: June Clarke;  Technical Officials: Cherie D'Silva; Cross Country: John Heywood
  5. The Team Managers are: UK CAU Road: John Skevington; UK CAU XC: Bill Winter - Senior & U20 women; Lisa Douglas - U17, U15 & U13 Girls; Alan Maddocks - Senior & U20 Men; Sandy Villetet/Wayne Walker - U17, U15 & U13 Boys; UK CAU Track & Field Seniors: VACANT; Junior Inter Counties (T&F): Kelly Phiri/Tina Allen; Sportshall Athletics: Sharon Smith (Girls) and Gary Smith (Boys); Fell Running: Jason Williams

**The Committee also elect a Track & Field sub-committee from its membership: June Clarke, Cherie D'Silva and Kelly Phiri at present.

*** The Committee also elect an Endurance sub-committee from its membership: John Skevington, John Heywood, Dave Lodwick, Carol Fossard  

The Constitution of L&RAA and all amendments made up to and including 2017 is available on this link to the Constitution file.  There is also a Code of Conduct but currently this is not available in a version other than paper (unless you can scan a copy and send it to us). All affiliated clubs were sent the Code of Conduct in 2004. We also have an updated version (2011/12) of the England Athletics Code of Conduct and Procedures - Grievance Procedures and Disciplinary Procedures 

Information about the clubs affiliated to L&R AA is on the the sub-pages of this section