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An analysis of the Power of 10 "All Time" Rankings shows that County clubs have had what it takes to make it to the top ten in the UK. PLEASE INFORM US IF THERE ARE ANY IMPROVEMENTS TO THESE RANKINGS.


Diana Davies, (Leicester Coritanian AC) has held the UK High Jump Record since 1982. In the Top 10 we also have Tara Krzywicki (Charnwood AC) ranked 7th in 3000m S/C; Phil Vesty (Leicester Walking Club) ranked 9th in the 20K Walk; and Jack Buckner (Charnwood AC) ranked 4th in 5000m and 7th in the 3000m.


WE have been notified that there are additionally several Leicestershire athletes in Walks events who have not been included as they have left the area and we had not recognised their names! We will endeavour to add these as soon as possible.

Younger Age Groups

Helen Worsey (Leicester Coritanian AC) still holds the top position for U17s 80mH and 60mH (indoors); Eden Francis (Leicester Coritanian AC) holds the top spot for U20s Discus. In the rest of the Top 10 Rankings we can also find: Coritanian athletes: Claire Allen, Sean Ashton, Grant Baker, Eden Francis, Denae Matthew, Callum Priestley, Justine Roach, Helen Titterington, Lisa York; and Charnwood athletes: Julian Adiran, Dominic Girdler, Lloyd Gumbs, Daniel Maynard.

Check out the full list of the Leicestershire club athletes rankings by clicking on this Power of 10 link. [This list was painstakingly created by your Web Administrator for the County website - we have noticed that it has been copied by other websites!! - perhaps we should feel proud!]

(See the additional performance rankings of Brian Adams, Dick Callan, Shirley Clelland, Brenda Flowers, Janet Heaney, Craig Mochrie, Chris Monk, Glenys Morton, Adrian Royle: they are all still ranked on the "All-Time" lists - fantastic testament to their performances of over 25 years ago).

Brief History of the early Leicestershire County Amateur Athletics Association

(For a fuller version see Jim Sharlott's (1994) "On the Starting Line": ISBN 0901 675253) - available from the Leicester New Walk Museum - a good read for £6.99

At the start of the twentieth century there were two big debates in athletics. One was about "Amateurs and Professionals" - competing for prize money or making a living from athletics was not to be part of the new amateur associations. The second concerned gambling, betting and various malpractices within the sport and the new County Associations set themselves up to ban some of these practices and "clean up" the sport.  The new ideas were being put forward by the Amateur Athletic Association under a scheme of "reconstruction" of the sport. The Leicestershire AAA was founded in 1919 when Leicester Harrier Secretary, Fred Cox, invited a number of people to a meeting. As a result, the County Association became the first in the country to be set up in the scheme of reconstruction, holding the first County Association Championships in the country on June 9th, 1919. These were held at the County Cricket ground. These Championships were held every year to the present day, other than the WW2 years and in 1950 when no suitable venue could be found!

Past Presidents of the County Association (in chronological order) were: Sir Samuel Faire, Tom Hatton, Sidney Charles Packer, Samuel Livingston, JA Wagstaff, Len Shipman, John Smith, Sam Kellock, Ernie Boot, Stan Dawson, Jim Sharlott, Eric Gamble, Ted Toft, Peter Adams, June Clarke, Gordon Ward, Jose Clarke, Ken Oldfield, Tony Clarke, Gordon Ward, Ted Toft, Derek Johnson, Sylvia Markham,  Ken Bray, Derek Johnson.

There are many stories of the history of the Association which many readers may have so please let us know if you have some to share with readers of the website. Currently the Association (now the Leicestershire & Rutland Athletic Association) meets regularly to discuss the organisation and development of the sport in the County. Contributions are welcome from the clubs, athletes, coaches and technical officials who are so vital to the continuation of athletics in the County. In the current climate of restructuring and re-organisation it is difficult to know what the future holds. However the Association will continue to hold County events, and will provide opportunities for the development of local athletes as well as to provide technical officials for these events.

[Details of the clubs currently affiliated to the Association are on the Committee page]

The Role of your Leicestershire & Rutland County Athletics Association

The L&R AA has been the long established body which has dealt with the local issues - mainly the promotion of its Championships as outlined - Cross Country, Track and Field, 10,000m Track, Sportshall, Marathon, Half-Marathon and other distance Road races. The Association provides all the Medals and pays for the engraving of all the Trophies presented.

It puts together teams to represent Leicestershire AA at UKA Inter County events, (Cross-Country, Track and Field, Fell Running and when held the 10 mile, 10k races). It also sends County teams to the Junior Inter County events, and Regional/National Sportshall Championships events. Obviously these selected athletes need a recognised County Vest to wear. We help with the cost of Transport, where we can, plus the purchase of the County Vests.

We tend to 'do' the older established Traditional things. The L&R AA also underpins the financial side of the Livingston Road relay, although this is promoted through the Leics Road Running League. Our Technical Officials Secretary keeps an up to date list of names of available UKA registered Officials at Road Running, Endurance, Cross Country and Track and Field. Officials can rise through the various grades by officiating at properly organised and UKA or EA registered events.

Each club contributes a small amount each year to help to organise all these events + promotion and support of the website and other ways of publicising the County Athletics Association.